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                         PUTTING UP YOUR PRESERVES
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   Use 8oz glass jars with two part tops, (lids with
   screw bands), to store the cooked jams and preserves.
   Select one or two cup glass or rigid plastic
   containers with tight-fitting lids for no cook freezer
   jams and preserves. Wash the jars and glasses with
   screw bands in an automatic dishwasher with very hot
   rinse water, keep hot until ready to use or wash with
   hot, soapy water and rinse very thoroughly. Place the
   jars and glasses upside down in a large saucepot
   filled with water and bring to boiling and boil for 10
   minutes. Keep them hot. Was two-part lids in the
   automatic dishwasher with very hot rinse water again,
   keeping them hot until ready to use or wash in hot
   soapy water and rinse well. Place in a small saucepot
   filled with water and bring to a boil. Remove them
   from the water but keep them hot until ready to use.
   Fill the jars to within 1/4-inch for the cooked jams
   and 1/2-inch for the no cook freezer jams. Using a
   plastic knife or spatula, make sure there are no air
   bubbles in the jam. Wipe the jar rims and screw
   threads with a clean damp cloth. Cover with the lids,
   screwing them down tight, and invert the jars for 5
   minutes. then turn upright. Let the jars stand at room
   temperature for 1 hour for cooked jams or 24 hours for
   no cook jams. Gently stir no cook jams before
   refrigerating or freezing. ALL JAMS MUST BE FROZEN OR
   REFRIGERATED! Store jams in the freezer for up to 1
   year.  Thaw frozen jams in the refrigerator.  Thawed
   jams have a refrigerator shelf life of 3 weeks.
   With the exception of two of the following recipes
   (the ones without pectin) they may be processed as
   canned goods by using the instructions found in any
   good cookbook for preserving jellies and jams.
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