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       Title: Syrups
  Categories: Canning
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   Adding syrup to canned fruit helps to retain its flavor, color, and
   shape. It does not prevent spoilage of these foods. The guidelines for
   preparing and using syrups (Table 1) offer a new “very light” syrup,
   which approximates the natural sugar content of many fruits. The sugar
   content in each of the five syrups is increased by about 10 percent.
   Quantities of water and sugar to make enough syrup for a canner load of
   pints or quarts are provided for each syrup type.
   Procedure: Heat water and sugar together. Bring to a boil and pour over
   raw fruits in jars. For hot packs, bring water and sugar to boil, add
   fruit, reheat to boil, and fill into jars immediately.
   Other sweeteners: Light corn syrups or mild-flavored honey may be used
   to replace up to half the table sugar called for in syrups. For more
   information see Canned Foods for Special Diets.
   Table 1. Preparing and using syrups.
   (Measure of Water and Sugar)
   Syrup Type: Very Light.  Approx. % Sugar: 10.
   For 9-Pt Load: 6-1/2 Cups Water, 3/4 Cups Sugar.
   For 7-Qt Load: 10-1/2 Cups Water, 1-1/4 Cups Sugar.
   (Approximates natural sugar levels in most fruits and adds the fewest
   Syrup Type: Light.  Approx. % Sugar: 20.
   For 9-Pt Load: 5-3/4 Cups Water, 1-1/2 Cups Sugar.
   For 7-Qt Load: 9 Cups Water, 2-1/4 Cups Sugar.
   (Very sweet fruit.  Try a small amount the first time to see if your
   family likes it.)
   Syrup Type: Medium.  Approx. % Sugar: 30.
   For 9-Pt Load: 5-1/4 Cups Water, 2-1/4 Cups Sugar.
   For 7-Qt Load: 8-1/4 Cups Water, 3-3/4 Cups Sugar.
   (Sweet apples, sweet cherries, berries, grapes.)
   Syrup Type: Heavy.  Approx % Sugar: 40.
   For 9-Pt Load: 5 Cups Water, 3-1/4 Cups Sugar.
   For 7-Qt Load: 7-3/4 Cups Water, 5-1/4 Cups Sugar.
   (Tart apples, apricots, sour cherries, gooseberries, nectarines,
   peaches, pears, plums.)
   Syrup Type: Very Heavy.  Approx % Sugar: 50.
   For 9-Pt Load: 4-1/4 Cups Water, 4-1/4 Cups Sugar
   For 7-Qt Load: 6-1/2 Cups Water, 6-3/4 Cups Sugar
   Very sour fruit. Try a small amount the first time to see if your family
   likes it.
   9-Pt Load values are also adequate for a 4-quart load.
   Many fruits that are typically packed in heavy syrup are excellent and
   tasteful products when packed in lighter syrups. It is recommended that
   lighter syrups be tried, since they contain fewer calories from added
   * USDA Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 539 (rev. 1994)
   * Meal-Master format courtesy of Karen Mintzias