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       Title: Selection of Fresh Cucumbers
  Categories: Canning, Preserves, Pickles
       Yield: 1 text
   Quantity: An average of 14 pounds is needed per canner load of 7 quarts;
   an average of 9 pounds is needed per canner load of 9 pints. A bushel
   weighs 48 pounds and yields 16 to 24 quarts--an average of 2 pounds per
   Quality: Select firm cucumbers of the appropriate size: about 1-1/2
   inches for gherkins and 4 inches for dills. Use odd-shaped and more
   mature cucumbers for relishes and bread-and-butter style pickles.
   * USDA Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 539 (rev. 1994)
   * Meal-Master format courtesy of Karen Mintzias