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       Title: Grape Juice
  Categories: Beverages, Canning, Fruits
       Yield: 1 recipe
   Quantity: An average of 24-1/2 pounds is needed per canner load of 7
   quarts; an average of 16 pounds per canner load of 9 pints. A lug weighs
   26 pounds and yields 7 to 9 quarts of juice--an average of 3-1/2 pounds
   per quart.
   Quality: Select sweet, well-colored, firm, mature fruit of ideal quality
   for eating fresh or cooking.
   Procedure: Wash and stem grapes. Place grapes in a saucepan and add
   boiling water to cover grapes. Heat and simmer slowly until skin is
   soft. Strain through a damp jelly bag or double layers of cheesecloth.
   Refrigerate juice for 24 to 48 hours. Without mixing, carefully pour off
   clear liquid and save; discard sediment. If desired, strain through a
   paper coffee filter for a clearer juice. Add juice to a saucepan and
   sweeten to taste. Heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Continue
   heating with occasional stirring until juice begins to boil. Fill into
   jars immediately, leaving 1/4-inch headspace. Adjust lids and process
   according to the recommendations in Table 1.
   Table 1. Recommended process time for Grape Juice in a boiling-water
   Style of Pack: Hot.  Jar Size: Pints or Quarts.
   Process Time at Altitudes of 0 - 1,000 ft: 5 min.
                          1,001 - 6,000 ft: 10 min.
                            Above 6,000 ft: 15 min.
   Style of Pack: Hot.  Jar Size: Half-Gallons.
   Process Time at Altitudes of 0 - 1,000 ft: 10 min.
                          1,001 - 6,000 ft: 15 min.
                            Above 6,000 ft: 20 min.
   * USDA Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 539 (rev. 1994)
   * Meal-Master format courtesy of Karen Mintzias