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       Title: Canning Fruit-Based Baby Foods
  Categories: Canning, Information
       Yield: 1 guide
   You may prepare any chunk-style or pureed fruit with or without sugar,
   using the procedure for preparing each fruit. Pack in half-pint,
   preferably, or pint jars and refer to the processing times in Table 1.
   Caution: Do not attempt to can vegetables, red meats, or poultry meats,
   because proper processing times for pureed foods have not been
   determined for home use. Instead, can and store these foods using the
   standard processing procedures; puree or blend them at serving time.
   Heat the blended foods to boiling, simmer for 10 minutes, cool, and
   serve. Store unused portions in the refrigerator and use within 2 days
   for best quality.
   Table 1.
   Process time for fruit-based baby foods in a boiling-water canner.
   Style of Pack: Hot
   Jar Size: Pints
   *  0 - 1,000 ft ........ 20 min
   *  1,001 - 6,000 ft .... 25 min
   *  Above 6,000 ft ...... 30 min
   * USDA Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 539 (rev. 1994)
   * Meal-Master format courtesy of Karen Mintzias