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                  ENSURING SAFE CANNED FOODS (PART 2 OF 2)
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   Open-kettle canning and the processing of freshly
   filled jars in conventional ovens, microwave ovens,
   and dishwashers are not recommended, because these
   practices do not prevent all risks of spoilage. Steam
   canners are not recommended because processing times
   for use with current models have not been adequately
   researched. Because steam canners do not heat foods in
   the same manner as boiling-water canners, their use
   with boiling-water process times may result in
   spoilage. It is not recommended that pressure
   processes in excess of 15 PSI be applied when using
   new pressure canning equipment. So-called canning
   powders are useless as preservatives and do not
   replace the need for proper heat processing. Jars with
   wire bails and glass caps make attractive antiques or
   storage containers for dry food ingredients but are
   not recommended for use in canning. One-piece zinc
   porcelain-lined caps are also no longer recommended.
   Both glass and zinc caps use flat rubber rings for
   sealing jars, but too often fail to seal properly.
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