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                             CANNED CAKE HINTS
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    1       x            ELLIE COLLIN CMKD93F
   I have a few more recipes but no time to upload them
   right now, I'll do that later on this evening. BTW,
   ANY cake can be baked in canning jars. I usually try
   one jar first--you have to know how much volume each
   recipe will give you. I usually fill ONE jar 1/2 full
   then bake it to see how high it rises. You don't want
   the cake to come out of the top of the jar, only to
   within 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the lip of the jar. Once
   you've established how high the cake rises, you can go
   from there. The first time around is a bit tricky
   because you won't know how many jars you'll need. MOST
   of the recipes I've tried I end up using around 8.
   Sterilize as many jars as you think you'll need and go
   from there. Also, the baking times will vary--the
   moistness of each cake recipe will determine the time.
   Again, MOST of the recipes I've tried bake in 35-40
   minutes. Start checking the cakes at 30 minutes and go
   from there. YES, the cakes DO slide easily out of the
   jars IF you use the jars I listed. They're Ball
   Quilted Crystal Canning Jars (#14400-81400). They can
   be found at most grocery stores (at least here in
   California) next to the pectin and other canning
   supplies. Also, I've seen the 12 oz straight-sided
   (plain) jars (# ?) at Smart & Final. The plain jars
   work fine too but they're not as pretty and you have
   to make your own labels--the jars I use come with
   decorative labels. One IMPORTANT tip--get your jars
   NOW! Once summer’s over with they're very hard to
   find. Also, when you can, ask for the jars back,
   they're NOT cheap. Most folks don't mind returning
   them though, they usually want refills! <G> Make sure
   your LIDS are new, the rings don't have to be As the
   jars do seal, the cakes are as moist as the day you
   put them into the jars--sometimes MORESO. There will
   be a little condensation on the lids and some in the
   jars so when you seal them it’s trapped inside. Don't
   worry about getting the water off of the lids before
   placing them onto the jars, the added moisture doesn't
   hurt the cakes in the slightest. I'm trying to address
   every question that’s been asked of me before, I HOPE
   I've done that. If I've missed anything or if anyone
   has any questions, don't hesitate to ask. These make
   WONDERFUL Christmas gifts and you can start NOW!
   Single friends really appreciate these because each
   jar makes enough for one or two people.
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