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       Title: Sliced Egg Sandwich
  Categories: Pickell
       Yield: 1 Serving
 MMMMM-------------------HONEY-MUSTARD DRESSING------------------------
     1/3 c  Mayonnaise
       2 T  Plain yogurt
       2 t  Dijon-style mustard
       2 t  Honey
       1    Whole grain bun
            Or kaiser bun
       4    Fresh basil leaves (opt)
       2    Hard cooked eggs,sliced
       1 sm Tomato, sliced
       6    Thin cucumber slices
            Alfalfa sprouts, Watercress
            Or lettuce leaves
   To make dressing, in a small bowl, combine mayo, yogurt, mustard and
   Split bun in half. Place basil leaves on bottom half. Arrange egg,
   tomato, and cucumber slices on top of basil and drizzle with
   dressing. Top with alfalfa spprouts, watercress or lettuce leaves and
   drizzle additional dressing on top. Cover with top half of bun.
   Refrigerate remaining dressing for later use.
   TIP: for lunch bag, pack tomato slices and dressing separately.
   Submitted by Kathleen Pickell