Date:    Mon, 21 Jun 93 14:27:56 PDT
 From:    Peter_Brooks <>
 Note:  This is a first cut at a recipe.  It’s heavy on canned goods
 and thus salt.  It is reasonably low fat, since the only fat was in the
 pre-prepared crust.  I also made 2-3X times the sauce/toppings that
 I really should have done.  So it goes.
 Crust: 1 large prepared: (I have a serious weakness for fresh bread.
 In self defense, I gave up baking.  Those with no problems with breads
 or baking, substitute your favorite crust.  IMHO, whole wheat would be
 perfect.)  The commercial crust would be the only non-vegan
 ingredient, as far as I know.
 Sauce:  (makes enough for at least two pizzas.  should freeze well.)
   1 can S&W pasta sauce.  Contains no oil.  Not too bad for sodium, for once.
   1 14 ounce can beans.  I used S&W Pinquinto beans, a small bean about the
     size of a black bean, but closer in looks and taste to a Pinto.  This
     is somewhat spiced up (mexican style flavorings), so I carried the theme.
   Spices and herbs to taste:  I use powedered garlic, oregano, fresh ground
     black pepper.  To continue the mexican style, I used a bit of cumin.
     (Hey, mexican style pizza is pretty good, though I had to watch out
     for the jalopenos at Renato’s pizzeria in East San Jose...  )
   In a medium bowl, combine the pasta sauce and beans.  Stir to mix.
   Add spices to taste.  You won't need to add salt.  (The pinquintos had
   about 400mg salt per half/cup...)
 More toppings:  Also made enough for two...
   One medium yellow onion, sliced.
   1 cup (3 ounces) mushroom, sliced.
   1 ounce dried tomatoes.  (home dried, no oil.)
   1 ounce (far too much) nutritional yeast.  I suspect 1/4 ounce would be 
     better for this.
 Saute the onion and mushroom via your favorite method.  (I used cooking spray,
 since I had previously 'deseasoned' my frying pan.  To deglaze, I used
 vinegar.)  30 seconds before quitting, add the dried tomatoes.  Enjoy
 the odors.
 {Prebake the crust.  I didn't, but wish I had).
 Place the onion/mushroom on the (prebaked) crust.
 Spread the sauce/beans over the toppings and spread to cover.
 Sprinkle the nutritional yeast over the sauce.  Make sure the yeast is all
 in contact with the sauce.  (prevents burning.)
 Bake.  (I baked the unbaked assemblage 11 minutes in a preheated 400
 degree convection oven.  With the *recommended* quantities, this should
 be sufficent in any oven.  If the crust is prebaked and already warm, it
 will be very short, indeed; all you'll need to do is warm/crisp the