Date:    Wed, 09 Jun 93 10:37:49 PDT
 From: (Robbie Felix)
 White beans and Pasta
 2 c. brocolli
 1 can cooked white beans
 1 bunch chopped scallions
 1 cup rice milk
 1 tblsp cornstarch
 1 Tblsp dried parsley ( or fresh is best)
 1 Tblsp “chicken-flavor” vegetarian broth powder
 2 Tblsp. nutritional yeast
 Garlic to taste ( I use “crushed garlic”, I use about 1/2 tsp)
 “Saute” scallions and brocolli in non stick skillet. Add some carrots
 if you like, too. When browned a bit, add beans.
 Mix all the other stuff together and pour over all to form a thick
 sauce, stir until thick and creamy.
 I ate this over corn pasta ( boy, is it great!). Ilove it!