Date:    Fri, 14 May 93 15:59:08 EDT
 From: (Tara McDermott)
 Quick Scallion Seitan Saute over Soba Noodles (makes 2 large servings)
 1 package of soba noodles (whatever flavor you prefer) - about 8 oz.
 1 bunch of scallions
 5-6 fresh large button mushrooms (use more if they're small)
 10 cloves of garlic, or more if you prefer.
 1 cup seitan, chopped
 1 Tbsp. miso (or whatever size dollop you usually use)
 1/4-1/2 cup water to saute
 Cut up scallions into 1/2 inch pieces, using as much of the crispy
 tops as you can.  Mince the garlic, or press (if your press actually
 works, mine never has).  Slice the mushrooms into thinish slices.  Cut
 up the seitan.  In a medium fry pan, cook all the ingredients together
 in the water, adding more as you need it.  Cook the soba according to
 directions at the same time (you won't need very much water for it to
 cook... just enough to cover).  When it’s cooked to your liking, turn
 off heat, and serve over drained (and rinsed) soba noodles.  Try and
 leave the seitan/scallion mixture saucy.  The more gooey it is, the
 more sauce to mix in with the soba noodles.  It took me 1/2 hour to
 get it out of the fridge and into my stomach, if not less.