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                       VEGGIE FLAVORED PASTA - NO EGG
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 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Vegetarian                       Low-fat
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         -----BASIC INGREDIENTS-----
    1       c            Flour, all purpose
                         Preferably durum semolina
      1/3   c            Water
                         -----OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS-----
    1       tb           Olive oil (optional)
                         Use one of following only:
      1/4   c            Tomato Juice (for red)
      1/3   c            Carrot Puree (for orange)
      1/3   c            Beet Puree (for red)
    1       c            Spinach puree (for green)
   To make by hand, use a floured pastry cloth, put dry ingredients on cloth,
   and make a “well” in the center of flour mixture, add liquid ingredients in
   the well, and knead the dough, working the flour to the center as you
   knead. After it forms a ball, knead by hand for several minutes.
   To make with a food processor, put all ingredients in the bowl. Process for
   1 minute until dough begins to form. Adjust liquid or flour if necessary,
   continue to knead in the machine for 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 minutes.
   To make with bread machine, place ingredients into baking pan. Use the
   dough cycle, knead for 1/2 min. Adjust flour and liquid to form a round
   ball of dough. Knead for another 5 minutes, then press stop button.
   To complete the pasta by hand, roll the dough into sheets, as thin as it is
   possible to roll it on a floured pastry cloth with a rolling pin. Then
   shape into long thin spaghetti like strips, or wider for noodles. Cut with
   a pie crimper for a fancy edge and twist into bowknots.  Use your
   imagination.  Allow to dry a minimum of 10-20 minutes, or longer, if
   necessary. It may be dried for several hours, put into a ziploc bag and
   refrigerated or frozen.
   To cook, drop into boiling water (with a little salt, optional), and cook
   just until al dente.  Do not overcook.  Serve with your favorite sauce.
   You can make a white pasta, leaving out the vegetables, or you can use your
   imagination, be creative, and use any number of other veggies. Try green,
   yellow, red, purple, orange pepper puree; yellow summer squash or zucchini;
   winter squash, pumpkin or sweet potato; broccoli, green beans, vegetarian
   refried beans.  The list is endless. Just use approximately one-third cup
   of the one you choose.
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