Date:    Thu, 30 Sep 93 13:16:06 BST
 From:    Michael Traub <>
 Red Lentil Lasagna
 1 large 	Onion, sliced finely
 3 cloves	Garlic, minced
 1		Red chilli, deseeded
 2 stalks	Celery, chopped *very* finely (because my wife hates it)
 1/2 cup		water
 1 lb		Broccoli
 1 small		Courgette/Zucchini
 1/2 lb		Mushroom
 1 pint		Vegetable Stock (Vecon and water)
 1 cup		Red lentils
 1 can		Tomatoes
 2 tsps		Oregano
 2 tsps		Basil
 1/2 tsp		Salt
 1/2 tsp		Pepper
 1/2 cup		Corn
 2 tbsp		Tomato Puree/Paste
 12 sheets	Spinach lasagna
 1/4 cup		water
 2 tbsp 		Flour
 1/2 cup		Soya milk
 1 clove		Garlic
 1/4 tsp		Salt
 1/4 tsp		Pepper
 3 tbsp		Yeast flakes
 1/4 tsp		Turmeric
 Steam onions, garlic, chilli and celery in the half cup of water. Add
 stalks of the broccoli and the mushrooms and simmer for about five
 minutes.  Add the stock, the canned tomatoes, the herbs, salt and
 pepper, the lentils and the broccoli florets. Simmer till the lentils
 are tender.  Add the corn and the tomato puree. The resulting mixture
 should be fairly sloppy still because it has to go into the oven for
 20 minutes.
 In another pan stir the flour into the cold 1/4 cup of water till a
 paste is made.  Put on the heat and slowly add the soya milk making
 sure to avoid lumps.  Add the crushed clove of garlic, some salt and
 pepper, the yeast flakes and the turmeric. You should end up with a
 pourable cheeze sauce.
 Layer the mixture with the lasagna sheets (I used no-boil spinach
 lasagna) finishing with a layer of lasagna sheets. Cover with the
 cheeze sauce and stick in the oven at about 170 deg.  C/330 deg. F for
 20 minutes. Eat with a salad.