Date:    Tue, 07 Dec 93 12:40:00 CST
 From:    "Peter Brauer 312/915-6157                 <$W$PR42@LUCCPUA.BITNET>
 1 15 oz can tomato sauce    Dry Lasagne noodles (about 8 oz)
 1 6 oz can tomato paste
 15 oz fat-free ricotta
 16 oz fat-free mozzarella
 1 lb frozen chopped spinach (or preferably fresh chopped eqivalent)
 2 egg-white (can be omitted quite easily)
 1 pkg McCormick Spaghetti sauce
 1 1/2 cups water  (you can sub 1/4 red wine for some water)
 Bring tomato sauce, paste, water, and sauce to boil on stove, set aside.
 Combine ricotta, drained spinach,  and egg-whites in a bowl.
 Boil the tomato sauce, paste, water, sauce mix, and wine and set
 aside.  In a 9x14 pan, pour 1 c. (approx) of the tomato mixture.
 Place the dry (yes they must be dry) lasagne noodles to form one
 layer.  Add half the cheese/spinach mixture over the noodles, half the
 non-fat mozz, then half the remaining sauce.  Place one more layer of
 lasagne noodles (yes they are still dry) and then layer the other
 ingredients as before. This should use up the rest of the mixtures and
 fill the pan.
 Cover the pan with tin-foil, place in oven at 350 degrees for 50 minutes
 and then uncover, and cook for another ten.  Let sit for ten minutes
 before serving.