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       Title: Greg’s Favourite Pasta
  Categories: Pasta, Italian
       Yield: 4 -6 serving
   1 1/2 c  unbleached flour;
            (do not use all purpose,
            it’s too soft)
       1 c  semolina flour
     1/2 ts salt
       1 tb olive oil
       3 lg whole eggs
       1 tb warm water (if needed)
   Mix dry ingredients on a board forming a well in the center
 . Add olive oil and eggs to well. Mix with a fork by
   gradually blending in the dry to the egg. When it gets too stiff to
   use a fork, begin to knead by hand to proper consistency (should be
   very stiff) If necessary, add warm water in small increments.
   Allow dough to rest while covered for at least 10 minutes. Using a
   floured board, cut off pieces of dough about the size of an egg.
   Flatten with the palm or your hand. Process through pasta machine by
   starting on the thickest setting. Roll through machine again at each
   progressively thinner setting to form long strips the width of your
   machine and the proper thickness for the desired style of pasta.
   (this helps to incorporate the ingredients) At this point I gently
   rub a small amount of flour on the surface and allow to air dry for
   about 30 minutes. (this makes cutting easier) Attach cutting head
   for the desired pasta type. Cut, lay-out on floured board, sprinkle
   lightly with flour and allow to dry further. Can be cooked now or
   rolled in freezer paper and frozen for later.
   Remember, fresh pasta cooks a lot faster than the cardboard box
   variety. Don't over-cook. If cut with a medium width head, these
   make great chicken and noodles or cut thin for spaghetti.
   By using 1 egg per cup of flour yields great looking and tasting
   slightly golden pasta.  For those more health conscious, I believe
   that the number of eggs can be reduced and replaced with water. A
   little Saffron will put back the great rich looking color.
   Concocted by Greg Smith - Cleveland, Ohio -