Date:    Thu, 04 Aug 94 10:25:08 EDT
 Garden Pasta
 1 small eggplant
 1 small zucchini
 1 small onion
 4 cloves garlic
 2 tomatoes
 handful of broccoli flowerettes
 marsala wine
 red wine
 balsamic vinegar
 herbs (I used marjoram, sage, chives, basil, and parsley from the garden)
 1 pound linguine
 Boil water for linguine.
 Dice onion and sautee' in wines and vinegar. Chop garlic and add after
 3 minutes. Throw in all herbs veges except the tomatoes, and cook down,
 adding water if necessary (cook pasta in the meantime). When cooked to
 taste, add tomatoes.
 Serve over pasta.
 Cooking the eggplant in the wine and vinegar gives it a subtle sweetness,
 and a consistancy a bit like mushrooms.