Date:    Tue, 19 Apr 94 15:00:42 EDT
 From:    csfb1!amstel! (Janine Memon)
 	Orrechiette w/broccoli rabe, white beans, and mushrooms
 	2-3 Portobello mushrooms or 7-8 Crimini mushrooms
 	broccoli rabe
 	Veggie broth
 	cannelini (white) beans
 	orrechiette pasta (or any other is fine)
 	red wine
 	red pepper
 	Saute cut mushrooms in veggie broth and wine - approx 10 min
 	Add fresh garlic (to taste, I used 2 cloves)
 	When mushrooms are cooked add more broth and broccoli rabe - cover
 	and steam till wilted.
 	Add white beans and red pepper to taste.
 	Add pasta and serve!
 	Another variation and a way to add more flavor:
 	I've been experimenting with using non-fat yogurt as a base for
 	sauces. I used a hand mixer and whipped up the yogurt, a clove of
 	garlic, mustard and red pepper. The consistency was great and I added
 	it to the sauce to thicken. can also be used for a salad
 	dressing (add pureed roasted pepper) or as a pasta sauce on its own -
 	just experiment with other flavors ( I may try miso and ginger)