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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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                         For the filling:
    2      tablespoons   extra virgin olive oil
    6      pounds        organic arugula
    2      tablespoons   garlic puree
    1      cup           Chanterelles scraps
                         Salt and pepper to taste
    4      tablespoons   Parmigiano cheese, grated
      1/4  pound         plain white pasta
                         For the Garnish:
      1/2  cup           whole Chanterelles, if large, slice
    1      teaspoon      extra virgin olive oil
    2      cups          arugula
                         Salt to taste
                         White pepper to taste
      1/4  cup           brown chicken sauce
    4      slices        shaved Parmigiano cheese
 Preparation of the Ravioli Filling:Heat the olive oil in a heavy sautJ
 add the arugula and allow it to wilt over high heat. Add garlic puree,
 Chanterelles and season. Once wilted, add Parmigiano and remove from
 heat. Chill over ice. Puree mixture in a blender until smooth. Roll out
 pasta dough as thin as possible and assemble ravioli. Using a 1 1/2-inch
 cookie cutter, cut out 50 rounds of pasta dough. Place 1 tablespoon of
 filling in center of round, brush edges with water and top with another
 round. Press edges together, squeezing out excess air. Set aside on a
 sheet pan. Repeat process until all the dough has been used.
 Before serving, blanch ravioli in simmering water for forty-five seconds
 or until pasta is cooked. Preparation of the Garnish:
 Saute the Chanterelles in olive oil, add the arugula, season and wilt.
 Keep warm.
 Place the wilted arugula and Chanterelles in the middle of a deep bowl
 and crown with the ravioli, which have been warmed in the brown
 chicken sauce. Add shavings of cheese and serve hot.
 Yield: 50 ravioli
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