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       Title: Leftover Lo Mein                                            
  Categories: pasta, chinese
       Yield: 6 servings     
       1 lb thin spaghetti or vermicelli
       1    onion, cut into julienne
       1    green pepper, cut into 
     3/4 lb mushrooms, sliced
     1/2    bun. fresh broccoli, cut 
            -into 1 flo
       3    carrots, peeled and sliced 
            -thin on
       2    cloves garlic, minced
       2 tb peanut oil
       2 c  leftover ham, cut into 
       1 tb mrs. dash
       2 tb soy sauce
       3 c  to 4 c leftover bbq sauce.
   Start spaghetti cooking first, cook according to                         
   directions.  In a wok on high heat stir fry the                          
   vegetables in the peanut oil until crisp tender. Do                      
   not over cook!  Add ham, drained spaghetti,                              
   seasonings, and BBQ sauce. Mix gently and heat                           
   through.  Serve immediately.