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       Title: Spaghetti and Shrimp Sauce
  Categories: Italian, Sauces, Shellfish, Pasta
       Yield: 6 Servings
       1 lb Fresh shrimp
       2 sm Onions, chopped
     1/4 t  Salt
     1/4 t  Pepper
     1/4 c  Oil
     1/4 c  Romano cheese
       2 ea Garlic cloves, minced
       1 ea Green pepper, chopped
     1/8 t  Oregano
       1 lb Spaghetti
   Boil shrimp intil barely tender. Shell and devien. Saute garlic,
   onions, green pepper, salt, pepper, and oregano in oil until onions
   are soft. Add cooked shrimp. Stir and cook over low heat for 10
   mminutes. Cook spaghetti til al dente, drain, toss with shrimp sauce.
   Serve with Romano cheese.