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  Categories: Italian, Poultry, Pasta
       Yield: 4 Servings
    3.00    (4 Oz.) Boned, Skinned
            Chicken Halves, Diced
    1.50 ts Curry Powder
    1.50 ts Paprika
    0.25 ts Salt
    0.25 ts Pepper
    2.00 cl Garlic
    0.25 ts Chicken Bouillon Granules
    0.50 c  Hot Water
    3.00 tb Water
    1.00 ts Oil
    0.50 ts Hot Sauce
    1.50 c  Sliced Green Onions
    1.00 tb Flour
    0.50 ts Ground Cumin
    8.00    Manicotti Shells
    8.00 oz Plain Yogurt
    1.00 c  Chopped Tomatoes
   Combine Chicken, Curry Powder, Paprika, Salt, Pepper, &
   Mincedin A Medium Bowl & Toss Well. Cover & Chill Mixture
 1 Hour.
   Dissolve Bouillon in Hot Water. Set Aside.  Coat A Large
 Skillet With
   Vegetable Spray & Add Oil & Place Over Medium Heat Until
 Hot. Add
   Chicken Mixture & Cook 3 Min., Stirring Constantly.  Add
 Green Onions
   & Cook 2 Min. Stir in Flour & Cook 1 Min.  Gradually Add
   Mixture & Cook 3 Min. OR Until Thickened, Stirring
   Each Shell With About 1/2 C. Chicken Mixture. Arrange in
 A Baking
   Dish Coated With Spray. Cover & Bake At  350 For 30
   Yogurt, Tomatoes, Water, Cumin & Hot Sauce in A Bowl.
 Spoon Over
   Manicotti. Serve Warm. 282 Cal. Per 2 Shells & 1/2 C.