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 Recipe By     : Miriam Podcameni Posvolsky
 Serving Size  : 8    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Pasta
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1      package       lasagna noodles
      3/4  lb            ground beef
      1/4  lb            ground ham
      1/2                celery ribs -- grated
    2                    garlic cloves -- minced
    2                    onions -- chopped
      1/4  lb            mushrooms -- diced (optional)
    1      lb            tomatoes -- pelled and skinned
                         or  1 can tomatoes
    1      tablespoon    flour
    2      tablespoons   olive oil
                         salt, pepper, marjoram thyme and nutmeg
    2      tablespoons   flour
    2      tablespoons   butter
      3/4  cup           milk
      1/4  cup           heavy cream
      1/2  cup           parmesan cheese -- grated
                         salt, pepper, nutmeg
    1      lb            mozzarella cheese -- sliced
                         tomato sauce
 Cook pasta in plenty of salted boiling water, about 3 sheets at a time.
 Transfer them to a bowl with water, ice and a little oil as they cook.
 Beef filling:
 Cook ham in olive oil for 2 minutes. Add beef, stirring until all red from
 meat has disappeared. Add onions, grated celery and garlic. Cook until
 onions begin  to change  color. Stir in flour and   then  add  chopped
 tomatoes herbs ,salt , pepper and a pinch nutmeg.
 Simmer half an hour, stirring often.
 Melt butter in a saucepan. Once it starts to foam add milk stirring
 constanttly. Add salt, pepper and a pinch nutmeg. Continue cooking for 5
 minutes, stirring.Add cream and parmesan.
 Drain pasta.
 Butter a baking dish.
 Place 1 layer of pasta to cover the bottom.
 Top with 1 layer of meat, then another layer  of pasta, then 1 layer of
 cream, 1 layer of mozzarella, another layer of pasta. Keep alternating in
 this manner. Last layer should be pasta.Top with mozzarella and plenty of
 tomato sauce.
 Bake in 350 oven until  bubbly. Serve very hot.
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 Serving Ideas : You may serve an antipasto or just a salad before.
 NOTES : You may omit ham, in this case you'll have to use more beef.