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  1. Veal Ragout
  2. Veal Ragout With Red Pepper
  4. Veal Rounds with Vegatables
  5. Veal Scallopine
  6. Veal Scallopine With Marsala
  7. Veal Scallopini
  8. Veal Scallops Sauteed With Spinach & Capers
  9. Veal Scallops With Apricot-Citrus Compote
  10. Veal Scallops With Asparagus, Lime Sauce
  11. Veal Scaloppine Piccata
  12. Veal Scaloppine With Avocado
  13. Veal Scaloppine With Tomatoes And Olives
  14. Veal Steak Milan- gwhp32
  15. Veal Steaks
  16. Veal Steaks with Yogurt
  17. Veal Stuffed Apples Sogni+++Fggt98B
  18. Veal Valdostana
  19. Veal Valdostana
  20. Veal With Dumplings
  21. Veal with Fiddlehead and Shiitake Sauce
  22. Veal With Mushrooms And Marsala
  23. Veal with Shallot-Roquefort Cream and Oven-Fried Potatoes
  24. Veal with Sheeps Cheese (German)

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