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      title: roasted pheasant
 categories: entree
   servings: 4
       1    pheasant
     1/4 t  salt
     1/4 t  white pepper
       1 ea bay leaf
       1 t  garlic
     1/2 c  celery leaves
     1/4 c  lemon
     1/4 lb sliced bacon
     1/4 c  unsalted butter
       1 c  onion
       1 c  mushroom
       1 c  chicken broth
 season the pheasant with salt and pepper inside and out place bay leaf,
 garlic, celery leaves,
 and lemon in the cavity truss the legs and wings with cotton string
 place, breast-side up into a roasting pan
 drape bacon slices over the breast
 moisten a piece of cheesecloth with melted butter and place over the
 bacon slices
 arrange the onions and mushrooms around the bird
 moisten pheasant with chicken broth
 roast @ 350 degrees for 80-90 minutes, until tender, basting often
 remove and discard cheesecloth and cotton string
 serve hot