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  Categories: Bbq, Chicken
       Yield: 4 servings
    3.00 lb Chickens
    1.00    Lemon
    0.25 c  Minced fresh taragon
    0.25 c  Minced fresh parsley
    0.50 c  Olive oil
   Salt and pepper Fruitwood chips, soaked in water
   Cut chickens into quarters.  Chop off backbones and flatten breasts
   with a smart blow from the flat of a cleaver or by pressing with the
   palm of your hand.  Remove last joint from wings (wingtips).  Cut
   several slits in the chicken legs.
   Squeeze juice from the lemon.  Mince the parsley and tarragon
   together. Mix together the lemon juice, olive oil and the tarragon
   and parsley. Rub the mixture into the chicken.  Cover and marinate.
   Recipe can be prepared to this point several hours ahead.
   Start the fire in the grill.  Season the chicken pieces with salt and
   pepper.  Put the dark meat chicken pieces on the grill about 6 inches
   from the coals and cook, turning with tongs every 5 minutes, about 25
   minutes in all.  After cooking dark meat for about 12 minutes, throw
   the soaked fruitwood chips onto the coals; add the chicken breast
   pieces, cover the grill, and let the smoke permeate the meat for at
   least 5 minutes. Remove the grill cover and continue cooking until
   the meat tests done, about 7 minutes more.  There is no need to baste
   since the chicken skin has enough fat to self baste.
   Yield: 4 servings.
   [ The Best of COOKS Magazine; 1987 ]
   Posted by Fred Peters.