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  Categories: Poultry, Mexican
       Yield: 6 Servings
            -VIVIAN THIELE NRHF19C
    1.00 lb Chicken Breast; boneless
            -and skinless
    0.50 c  Soy Sauce
    1.00 c  Orange Juice
    1.00 tb Lemon Juice
    1.00 ts Sugar
    2.00    Cloves Garlic; crushed
    0.50 ts Ginger
    1.00 tb Oil
    1.00 md Onion; sliced
    1.00    Green pepper; sliced
    1.00    Red Pepper; sliced
   12.00    Flour Tortillas (6-8 inch)
   Cut chicken breasts into strips 1/4 thick. Combine all sauce
   ingredients and pour over chicken strips. Cover and refrigerate
   overnight. Drain meat well and stir fry in oil along with onion and
   peppers until all pink color is gone from chicken pieces and
   vegetables are crisp-tender. Preheat sandwich maker . Trim sides from
   tortillas to form squares 5 X 5 or 6 X 6 inches.  Brush outside of
   each with oil. Lay 4 tortillas on pocket grid oiled side down. Spoon
   chicken mixture into the triangle shaped pockets. Top with tortillas,
   oiled side up. Close lid and cook 3 minutes or until tortillas are
   heated through and sealed. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Makes
   12 pockets.