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       Title: Skillet Chicken and Rice
  Categories: Low-cal, Poultry, Rice/grains
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 lb Chicken pieces, skinned           1/2 c  Onion, chopped
       3 c  Mushrooms, fresh, sliced            1 ts Poultry seasoning
       4 x  Carrots, peeled, sliced 1/2        1 ts Bouillon, chicken, granules
     3/4 c  Rice, long grain                  1/4 ts Salt
   PER SERVING: 265 Cal., 25g Pro., 27g Carbo., 6g fat, 67mg Chol.,
   Spray a 12-inch skillet with nonstick spray coating.  Brown chicken
   pieces on all sides over medium heat about 15 minutes.  Remove chicken.
   Drain fat from skillet, if neccessary.  Add mushrooms, carrots, rice,
   onion, bouillon, poultry seasoning, 2 cups water, salt.  Place chicken
   atop rice mixture.  Cover; simmer 30 minutes or till chicken and rice
   are done.