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       Title: Chicken Papriksha
  Categories: Main dish, Chicken, Ethnic
       Yield: 4 servings
         4 ea Chicken breasts
   :          Salt, pepper
   :          Paprika
         1 cn Cream of mushroom --
   :          undiluted
         8 oz Sour cream
   :          Margarine
   Now it is your turn to bear with me. I have a
   delicious Chicken Papriksha recipe, but it is in my
   head, as it was taught by my mother in law and never
   written down; Season the chicken well with salt,
   pepper and garlic powder (Optional), top chicken
   pieces with lot of paprika (both sides). In a large
   frying pan (that has a lid) melt some margarine and
   sautee chicken pieces till well browned,** add 1/2 cup
   of water and cover pan, let it cook for 15 minutes.
   Mix soup and sour cream add to chicken mixing well
   with the juice that chicken has been cooking .Cook for
   a few more minutes and ENJOY! I serve it with butter
   noodles. ** before adding water you can drain some of
   the fat margarine) if there is too much. Let me know
   when you try>> or if you do not understand. You can
   use chicken with or without skin.
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