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                        Chicken 'N' Peaches Piquante
 Recipe By     : Lansing State Journal, Associated Press, Sept. 1 '97
 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:28
 Categories    : Bobbie - Not Sent                Chicken
                 Citrus                           Main Dishes
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    4                    skinned and boned chicken breast halves -- about 5
 oz. each
                         salt and pepper
    1      tablespoon    olive oil
      1/2  cup           red bell pepper -- coarsley chopped
   15 1/2  ounces can    sliced peaches -- drained/liquid reser
      1/2  cup           thick and chunky salsa
    1      tablespoon    frozen orange juice concentrate
    2      tablespoons   chopped fresh cilantro leaves -- or parsley
 Season chicken with salt and pepper. 
 In large nonstick skillet, over Medium-High heat, heat oil. Add chicken;
 cook 9-10 minutes, turning once, until no longer pink in the cneter. Remove
 to platter.
 Add bell pepper to skillet, reduce heat and cook and stir 2 minutes until
 Add reserved peach liquid, salsa and orange juice to skillet, and bring to
 a boil, scraping up browned bilts from bottom of pan. Add peaches and
 cilantro; cook and stir 3 minutes until hot. Add chicken and any juices
 that may have accumulated on platter. Spoon sauce and peaches over chicken
 until glazed and serve.
 Makes 4 servings.
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 Recipe by Gloria Pleasants of Williamsburg, Va, the grand-prize winner in
 the Reality Recipes Contest, sponsored by Del Monte.  Published from
 Associated Press in Lansing (MI) State Journal, Sept. 1, '97
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