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       Title: Glazed Gammon Steaks with Nutty Apples
  Categories: Meats
       Yield: 4 servings
       4    6 to 8 oz Gammon Steaks
       2 tb Clear Honey
       1 ts Ground Ginger
       4    Apples, cored
       1 oz Butter
     1/2 oz Hazelnuts or almonds,
       1 oz Wholemeal Breadcrumbs
       1    Egg Yolk
            Salt and Pepper
 MMMMM--------------------------TO SERVE-------------------------------
   Snip fat around edge of gammon. Place steaks on a grill rack. Warm
   honey and stir in ginger. Baste steaks with honey glaze. Cook under a
   medium grill for about 8 minutes each side, basting occasionally with
   Score apples around the centre. Melt butter, and saute seeds and
   nuts. Stir in crumbs, yolk and seasoning, then pack into apples.
   Microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes. Serve steaks with apples and
   Source: CHAT Magazine