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                              HASENPFEFFER #2
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 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
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                         -JUDI M. PHELPS (G.PHELPS1)
    4       lb           Rabbit
    1 1/2   c            Dry red wine
      3/4   c            Cider vinegar
    2       ts           Salt -- optional
      1/2   ts           Freshly ground black pepper
    1                    Bay leaf
      1/2   c            Onions -- chopped
    1       tb           Mixed pickling spice
      1/2   c            Flour
    4       tb           Butter
    1       c            Onions -- thinly sliced
    2       tb           Sugar
      1/2   c            Sour cream
    Cut rabbit in serving-sized pieces.  Wash, scrape, and soak in salted cold
   water for 1 hour.  Drain and dry.
    In a glass or pottery bowl mix together the wine, vinegar, salt, pepper,
   bay leaf, chopped onions, and pickling spice. Add the rabbit and let
   marinate in the refirgerator for 3 days. Turn the pieces occasinally. Drain
   the rabbit; strain and reserve the marinade. Dry the rabbit with paper
   towels and roll in flour.
    Melt butter in a Dutch oven or deep heavy skillet; brown the rabbit and
   sliced onions in it.  Pour off fat and add sugar and 1-1/2 cups marinade.
   Cover and cook over low heat 1-1/2 hours or until rabbit is tender. Turn
   the pieces occasionally and add more marinade if needed. Taste for
   seasoning.  Mix the sour cream into the gravy just before serving.
    Source:  The Complete Round the World Cookbook by Myra Waldo.
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