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       Title: Mock City Chicken
  Categories: beef, pork, veal
       Yield: Serves 4
      .5 lb boneless Veal; cut into 1.5 -inch cubes
      .5 lb boneless Pork; cut into 1.5 -inch cubes
      .5 lb boneless Beef; cut into 1.5 -inch cubes
       2 lg egg; beaten
       1    seasoned bread crumbs; -enough to coat all cubes
       1 tb vegetable oil; or other oil -for frying
      .5 c  all-purpose flour
   Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.                                   
   Pat all cubes dry with paper towels. Put the flour into a zip-loc plastic
   bag, put the seasoned bread crumbs into another zip-loc bag. Place a meat
   cube in the flour bag shake to coat all sides, dip cube in beaten egg  it
   is important to cover it well with egg wash to get a good even coating of
   bread crumbs. Place the meat cube into the seasoned bread crumbs bag, shake
    and press to get a good and even coating. Impale the cube on a skewer 
   (traditionaly ... at least in our house.... it is a short wooden skewer).
   Repeat with remaining cubes (alternating veal-beef-pork if you are using
   all three) until they are all breaded and impaled.                   
   Heat the oil in a large heavy frying pan.  Brown the skewers of meat in the
    hot oil, turning to brown all 'four' sides.  Be very careful not to brown
   them too much (ie burn them!) as they will brown quickly.            
   Remove them from the frying pan and place them upon a lightly oiled baking
   sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees F, for 45 minutes or until they reach the 
   degree of doneness you prefer.                                       
     These fall firmly into the category of 'comfort food', for some reason
   there are 'good feelings' associated with this one.  This could also be
   done with any combination of the above meats or just a single one, it is
   also quite tasty as 'real chicken' using boneless chicken cubes... but not
   quite the same.  Getting an even coating of breading is the key to the 
   success of this dish!                                                
   Contributor:  Mom & Dad Neuman
   Preparation Time:  1:30