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       Title: Crescent’s Eggs In Hell
  Categories: Eggs
    Servings:  4
       4 ts Oil; olive
       1    Onion; chopped
       1    Green pepper; diced
       2    Garlic cloves; pressed
       1 c  Tomatoes; 20 oz with juice
       4 tb Tomato paste
       1 ts Basil
     1/2 ts Oregano
       1 ts Rosemary
       1    Bay leaf
       1 ts Honey
       4 lg Eggs
   In  oil  saute  onion,  green pepper and garlic. While they soften, stir in
   tomatoes and their juice (break the  tomatoes  up  a  bit), tomato paste,
   basil,  oregano,  rosemary,  bay  leaf and honey. Simmer sauce for about 10
   minutes, then make indentations in it with a spoon and break into it 4-6
   eggs.  Spoon sauce around and cover them, pop on a cover, and let the whole
   thing simmer gently until the eggs are poached; the whites should be medium
   firm, the yolks still runny. Lift each egg out with a spatula onto a
   serving plate in which you've placed a bed of cooked spaghetti or a thick
   slice of toasted french bread or a bed of hot, steaming rice, or a tortilla
   if you want it Mexican-style. Spoon extra sauce around each egg and
   sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese.
   From: Dairy Hollow House Cookbook from R-Cuisine conference