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       Title: Flank Steak in Mushroom Sauce
  Categories: Main dish, Beef, Crockpot
       Yield: 4 Servings
       1 lb TO 1-1/2 lb flank steak
     1/4 c  Sauterne wine
       1 tb Soy sauce
       1    Clove garlic; minced
  10 1/2 oz Can beef broth
       1 tb Catsup
       1 ts Prepared mustard
       1 tb Instant minced onion
       2 tb Cornstarch
       2 tb ;water
     1/4 lb Fresh mushrooms; sliced
   Place steak in slow-cooking pot.  Combine sauterne, soy sauce, garlic,
   broth, catsup, mustard, and onion; pour over steak.  Cover and cook on low
   for 6 to 8 hours.  Dissolve cornstarch in water; stir into pot. Add
   mushrooms.  Turn control to high; cover and cook on high 20 to 30 minutes
   or until mushrooms are done.
   Posted by Carol Shenkenberger to the Fidonet National Cooking echo 12-97