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       Title: Guacamole Burgers
  Categories: Mexican, Ground beef, Burgers
       Yield: 4 Servings
     3/4 c  Ripe avocado, mashed
     3/4 c  Tomato, chpd
       1 T  Onion, minced
       1 t  Salt
     1/2 t  Chili powder, to 3/4 t
       1 ds Red pepper
       1 sm Clove garlic, crushed
       2 t  Lemon juice
       1 lb Ground beef
       4    English muffins, split,
            Corn chips
  Combine avocado, tomato, onion, salt, chili powder, red pepper, garlic 
 and lemon juice to make guacamole. Mix well. Set aside. Shape beef into 
 4 patties. Grill about 4 inches from medium hot coals about 5 minutes  
 on each side for medium rare or to desired degree of doneness. Place  
 each patty on muffin half. Top patty with some guacamole mixture and  
 other half of muffin. Serve with corn chips and remaining guacamole on 
 the  side.
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