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  Categories: Vegetarian, French, Breakfast
       Yield: 2 Servings
    0.33 c  Besan (chick pea) flour
    0.25 c  Mashed tofu
    0.75 c  Water
    3.00    -to
    4.00 tb Margarine
    2.00    -to
    4.00    Hot green chilies
    0.25 c  Cilantro
    1.00 sl Ginger (1/2")
    2.00 tb Chopped onion
    0.50 ts Salt; to taste
    4.00 sl Bread *
   * (I like sourdough, and I recommend not using a really dark type.)
   Put everything but the bread and margarine into the blender/food
   processor/ other implement of destruction and blend until the herbs
   are medium chooped. Pour the resulting batter into a wide shallow
   dish. (She says it'll keep three days covered in the frig, if you
   plan meals that far ahead.  I don't.)
   Melt the margarine in a big skillet or frying pan.  Soak one slice of
   bread at a time in the batter until pretty gloppy, then toss into the
   skillet and fry until the bottom is medium brown, then flip and cook
   about another minute.
   Serve right off the stove.
   From: (Radhika Thekkath)