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  Categories: Holiday, Candies, Kids, Chocolate
       Yield: 1 Servings
 -----------------------------JONI CLOUD SSMW41A-----------------------------
       2 lb White or colored coating
            -or chocolate
       1 pk Small prestzils
   I like to use up the left over colors from making Easter candy and coat
   pretzil for the very little ones. They love the different colored pretzils,
   And especially the chocolate ones,<G> so do the grown ups. Again just melt
   your coatings,chocolate or white, or color the white. Melt in small bowls
   in pan of water, just warm never hot. Dip the pretzils in and lift with a
   fork, shaking off excest coating. and lay on wax paper cooky sheet, that
   will fit  in your freezer. You really don't have to use the freezer. they
   will set up setting out, but look bvetter and set up faster in Frig or
   freezer. Good Luck and Enjoy from Joni in S.Jersey. Jenilee and Scott loove
   to coat animal crackers when they were little, I still do .yummmm.