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  Categories: Holiday, Candies, Chocolate
       Yield: 1 Servings
 -----------------------------JONI CLOUD SSMW41A-----------------------------
       1 lb Chocolate coating
       1 lb White coating Or any color
       1    Taffy molds
       1    Sticks
       1    Taffy covers
   You can also buy your molds and sticks, and sleeves of plastic to put over
   the taffy at a candy supply store. Melt the coatings. I use a electric fry
   pan with water on low and use small stainless steel or glass bowls to melt
   different color coatings and of course the chocolate. Just fill the molds,
   put in stick and roll it to coat it and set it in the coating. I place in
   the frezzer for a minute or two to make them nice and shiny. When they set
   to room temp. I place in the plastic sleeve. I usually take to our easter
   Family Dinner for all the little children from there great Aunt<G> Joni in
   S.Jersey Enjoy and Good Luck.