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       Title: Yam Bake a la Orange
  Categories: Vegetables, Side dish
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 lg Yams (1 lb. each); boiled,
            - peeled & sliced 1/4 thick
       2    Oranges; peeled & sliced
     3/4 c  California Dried Figs
            -- sliced crosswise
            -- into fourths
     1/4 c  Walnut pieces
     1/4 c  Margarine; melted
       2 tb Honey
       1 ts Grated orange peel
   Arrange yam slices, oranges and figs in an 8 round baking pan.  Sprinkle
   with walnuts.  Combine melted margarine, honey and orange peel.  Pour over
   all. Cover with foil; bake in a 350 F. oven for 30 minutes, until bubbly.
   Each serving contains about: Calories 342, Fat 9.27G, Sodium 108MG,
   Cholesterol 0MG, Protein 4.18G, Carbohydrates 65.0G, Fiber 8.47G
   Source: Fabulous Figs The Fitness Fruit
   Reprinted with the permission of The California Fig Advisory Board
   Electronic format courtesy of Karen Mintzias