Martin Jahr, Welserstr. 13-15, D-1000 Berlin 30
 Source: Essen & Trinken 
 1 bunch   mooth parsley
 4         small twigs Majoran
 800 g     zucchini
 10 tblsp  olive oil
 6         eggs
 5 tblsp   creme fraiche
 50 g      Pecorino or Parmesan (cheese)
 3         small garlic cloves
 salt, black pepper
 some flour
 Preheat oven to 220 deg C.
 Mince herbs, wash zucchini and cut lengthwise in 1/2 inch (1 cm) slices.
 Season zucchini with salt and pepper, dip in flour so that they are
 completely covered. Heat 1 tbls oil in a pan and fry zucchini slices 
 3 min each side until they are golden brown. Put out of the pan and
 Stir together eggs, creme fraiche and chees. Season with salt, pepper
 and herbs. 
 Put 2 tblsp oil in oven proof pan.  Put zucchini in pan and pour egg
 mass over them.  Peel garlic, cut in thin slices and spread over the egg
 zucchini mass. 
 Bake 30 minutes at 220 deg C (hot air oven: 20 min at 200 deg C).
 Serve in portions, drip the rest of the olive oil over it. 
 Translation by Micaela “Stayka” Pantke - any mistakes are therefore mine.