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      title: potato kugel
 categories: german
   servings: 50
      12 lb potato
       3 lb sweet onion
       3 lb carrot
       1 c  parsley
       6 c  flour
     1/3 c  ground almonds
      24 ea egg
       3 c  seedless raisins
       3 t  salt
       1 t  ground cinnamon
       1 t  freshly ground nutmeg
       1 t  freshly ground black pepper
       1 t  cayenne
 combine all ingredients (except chicken fat) - mix well
 heat fat in a large skillet or saute pan, over a medium flame add potato
 mixture in small batches
 and saute for 1 minute remove to a hotel pan
 repeat with remaining mixture
 bake @ 375 degrees until golden
 serve hot