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  Categories: Oriental, Vegetables
       Yield: 4 servings
     1/2 c  Onion, sliced
       1 c  Carrot, sliced
       1 c  Cauliflower, sliced
       1 c  Green beans, sliced
       2 tb Peanut oil
       1 c  Water
       2 ts Chicken broth
       2 ts Cornstarch
       1 pn Garlic
   In skillet, heat oil and cook sliced green beans,
   cauliflower, carrots and onions.
   Combine sauce ingredients: water, chicken stock base,
   cornstarch and garlic powder. Add to cooked
   vegetables. Heat through until thickened. You can vary
   recipe by increasing onion or using 1/2 the amount
   required for onions and replace it with celery.