1 cup     of rice, washed and soaked for an hour
 2 tblsp   tomato paste (from a small can)
 3 tblsp   cooked lentils
 1         small onion, grated
 3 cloves  of garlic crushed (or less ;-))
 1 tblsp   cinnamon
 2 tsp     cumin
 2 tblsp   minced fresh cilantro (approximate big time!)
 salt and pepper
 4 zukes with the tops off and the insides scooped out with a corer or
 peeler.  (a long tedious task that I do in front of the TV - be careful
 to to break the skin!  - yours or the zukes!)
 I would double the filling and thus the zukes!
 Core those suckers and then throw the filling together in a bowl.  Fill
 each Zuke only 3/4 full and place the top on it (I taper the top with a
 knife so it fits on) Place lettuce leaves in the bottom (so the zukes
 don't burn) of a large pot (the biggest you have) and put the zukes in
 Bottom down (if you have enough room; if not, put in howeve they will
 fit and try to secure in place by wedging potatoes or whateverto keep in
 Cover with water or broth (WELL SALTED- VERY IMPORTANT- MAY BE ADD
 MORE!) and add the rest of the small can of tomato paste and a chopped
 onion and some garlic, cumin whatever and coover with lid and cook about
 45min-1 hour on medium highish till boilin and then reduce to medium/low
 ish so it is simmering.  After the hour check a zuke to see if the rice
 is done...  if it is then you are done.  Remove the zukes onto a serving
 platter and spoon a little liquid over them.  (discard lettuce and
 whatever else) You can ccover with a onion-mint yohurt sauce and garnish
 with a sprinkle of paprika for color.  Yum!