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       Title: Chilli-Fried Cauliflower
  Categories: Malaysian, Vegetables
       Yield: 6 servings
       3 T  Peanut oil
       4    Fresh red chillies, finely
       2 ts Sambal Oelek
       1 lg Onion, finely chopped
       2    Cloves garlic, finely
       1 ts Dried shrimp paste (Belachan)
       1 ts Salt
     500 g  Cauliflower, sliced
       2 T  Hot water
   Heat oil in wok or frying pan and fry the chillies, onion and garlic
   a low heat, stirring frequently, until onion is soft and golden. Add
   shrimp paste (belachan) and crush with back of spoon. Fry for a minute
   longer. Add salt, then turn in the cauliflower and toss and stir
   constantly until cauliflower is thoroughly mixed with the fried chilli
   onion mixture. Sprinkle with the hot water, cover and cook for 10
   Serve hot.
   Compiled by Imran C.
   *Shrimp Paste (Belachan) is available at most Asian grocers.