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                              ARTICHOKES ALLA GIUDEA
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        4  large         artichokes
                         Salt and pepper
      1/2  cup           virgin olive oil
        2                lemons -- cut in wedges
 Pull off outer layers of deep green leaves from each artichoke and discard.
 Cut off stem and set aside. Rub each cut with a lemon wedge. Place
 artichoke on its side and cut off top third. Discard these points. Using a
 pair of scissors, cut offthe sharp points. Soak 10 minutes in cold water
 with 1 ounce. lemon juice.
 Carefully open the leaves by prying with your fingers as if opening a
 flower and the pressing down on the counter the opening face. Drain each
 artichoke on paper towels, shaking to remove all liquid. Season
 aggressively with salt and pepper between each leaf and all over.
 Heat the virgin olive oil in a tall side sauce pan, 8-inch to 10-inch wide
 at base until just smoking.
 Cook artichokes in this hot oil 12 to 15 minutes, until golden all over.
 After 10 minutes of cooking, spritz the pan by shaking your wet hand over
 the artichokes to mist them. Be careful: this will cause the oil to sizzle
 and spatter..
 When the artichokes are cooked, remove each one, and holding the artichoke
 by skewering its base with a fork, press the flower side down to force it
 further open. Drain on paper towels, season with salt and pepper again and
 serve with lemon wedges.
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