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       Title: Basic Boiled Jerusalem Artichokes
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 lb Jerusalem artichokes
            Ulsalted butter -- melted
   1.  Wash and gently scrub the artichokes under cook,
   running water. If they have just come out of the
   refrigerator, let them until they warm to room
   temperature, about an hour. 2. Put just enough cold
   water to cover the artichokes in a kettle that will
   comfortably hold them. Turn on the heat to medium-high
   and bring the water to a boil. 3. Throw in a small
   handful of salt and add the artichokes. Let the water
   return to biling and reduce the heat to medium.
   Simmer, uncovered, until they are to the level of
   tenderness that the individual recipe requires. To
   eath them plain or in salads, they should be just
   tender and may take as little as 10 minutes ; for
   creamed, or mashed, artichokes, they should be as soft
   as boiled potatoes and may take as long as half an
   hour. 4. Drain them well and serve warm with lots of
   melted butter following a recipe for mashed potatoes.
   Recipe By     : Extracted from Classical Southern
   Cooking, p. 204