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                             COOKING ARTICHOKES
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   Choose nice firm artichokes that are not turning brown
   or looking dry. (I like to serve one artichoke per
   person.)  Cut off the stems even with the bottom of
   the artichokes.  Cut about an inch off of the top of
   the artichokes-straight across the tops of the leaves.
   Using a pot that’s large enough to accomodate the
   chokes in a single layer, arrange artichokes in bottom
   of pot.  Add water to a depth of 1 to 2 inches.  Bring
   water to a boil and turn down heat so that the water
   remains at a low simmer. Cover pot and cook for 45
   minutes.  Check occasionally to be sure the water is
   not boiling away, and add more if necessary.  The test
   for doneness is to pull out a leaf.  If it comes away
   from the artichoke easily, it’s done. Serve on a plate
   with a small bowl of dipping sauce. To eat artichokes,
   pull off individual leaves, dip in sauce, and scrape
   leaf between teeth to remove the soft pulp near the
   bottom of the leaf. The remainder of the leaf is
   discarded.  As you get near the center, the leaves
   become tenderer and a greater portion of each leaf is
   edible. When you are near the center, remove any
   remaining leaves, and you'll see a fuzzy thing called
   a choke. This is not edible.  Scrape it off with a
   knife or spoon and discard. Under the choke is the
   heart which many think is the best part of an
   artichoke (though I kind of like the leaves better
   myself). The heart is completely edible.  Cut it up
   and dip the pieces in the sauce.
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