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       Title: Green Beans, Zucchini And Potatoes
  Categories: New imports, Vegetables
       Yield: 4 servings
         2 TB olive oil
       1/2 c  chopped onion
       1/2 lb fresh green beans,cut in
   :          half -- trimmed
   :          Generous pinch of cayenne
         4 oz zucchini, split in half --
         1    inch thick slices
         4 oz small red skin potatoes
         2 TB chopped oregano
       1/4 c  chopped parsley
         2 c  crushed tomatoes and juices
   :          Salt and pepper
         1    loaf crusty french bread
       1/2 lb feta cheese
   In a large, heavy, and preferably non-stick pan heat
   oil. Add onion and saute for 5 minutes. Then add the
   green beans and cayenne pepper and cook until the
   onions are translucent, about 5 minutes. Add zucchini,
   potatoes and herbs. Pour tomatoes and their juices
   over the vegetables, bring to a boil, and reduce the
   heat to a simmer. Cover and cook for 40 minutes.
   Season with salt and pepper. Allow to cool or serve
   warm. Serve in a small bowl topped with feta cheese
   and surrounded by french bread.
                                         Date: 09/26/96