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       Title: TURNIP & APPLE BAKE
  Categories: Vegetables
       Yield: 4 Servings
    1.00    Turnip
    1.00 T  Butter
            Salt & pepper
    2.00 c  Thinly sliced apples
    2.00 T  Brown sugar
    0.25 ts Each cinnamon & nutmeg
    0.50 c  Dry bread crumbs
    2.00 T  Brown sugar
    2.00 T  Butter melted
   Cook turnip as usual in salted boiling water, mash with butter and
   seasonings. Mix sliced apple with brown sugar and spices. In greased
   casserole layer turnip and apples with turnip layer last. Mix bread
   crumbs melted butter and brown sugar and put over turnip, bake in 350
   F oven 50 to
        60    min.