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   I did some a couple of weeks ago, and it’s worked
   fine. I used a mixture of peach and hickory; I smoked
   them for about 8-9 hours then let the fire go out. I
   finished them in my dehydrator then next morning,
   though I understand that fresh smoked jalapenos are
   also good (ie, not smoked to complete dryness, and
   stored in the freezer). I've got a second batch that
   I'll do this weekend using a different technique
   (well, red jalapeno’s are only $1/lb at the farmer’s
   market!) suggested in the Chipotle Cookbook (think
   that’s the title).  I've frozen a bag of jalapenos,
   and will pull them out and smoke them - apparently
   they collapse and carmelize more, giving a somewhat
   sweeter, smokey taste. I just do it in a typical small
   water smoker, but I've also smoked stuff in a Weber
   (small fire on one side, pan of water under grill).  I
   forget the temperature I used (probably around 160F),
   but if you're interested email me and I'll look it up.
   They suggested that the chiles absorb all the smoke
   they are going to in 4-6 hours.  I also did some
   serrano’s and Fresno’s at the same time.
   Recipe By     : Mike Bowers
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